SSG Chris Davis

US Army Staff Sergeant Christopher Davis, has spent the last 10.5 years in service to our country and is currently still on active duty. SSG Davis is a Combat Infantryman, with most of his career spent in airborne and specialty units. He is the recipient of the coveted Combat Infantrymen’s Badge, and Expert Infantry badge. Graduate of US Army Airborne school, US Army Pathfinder school, and US Army Sniper School. SSG Davis has also completed the Combat Lifesaver course, along with the Army Combatives course.
Over 5 years of his career has been spent in direct leadership positions. Some of the responsibilities of leaders include but are not limited to, the direct training and mentor ship of soldiers from day to day duties, to advanced tactics and marksmanship.

SSG Davis has qualified expert with the following weapon systems:
• M2 .50 cal machine gun
• MK19 40mm grenade machine gun
• M240B light machine gun
• M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon)
• M203 Grenade launcher
• M4 Carbine
• M9 Pistol