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Well it has happened again. Another mass murder by a lunatic in Connecticut at a public school. How could this have happened? What kind of evil person could do something so horrific as to slaughter innocent people, especially young children? Most people should already know the answer to this question that gets asked over and over again each time a mass murder occurs at a so-called safe “gun-free zone”.

Enough is enough! How many more innocent people must be slaughtered like defenseless sheep in these “gun-free zones” before common sense prevails and people demand the real “change” that will alter the outcome of these horrible evil acts? How many more of our children must die behind the sign or sticker that says “Welcome sadistic, murdering sociopaths! No legal gun possession is allowed in here. Come on in and let the killing spree begin, because no law abiding citizen will be able to stop you.”

These postings on public schools and other buildings, like the shopping mall in Aurora Colorado where the movie theater shooting occured several months ago, do not ever deter an armed lunatic that is hell bent on mass murder. They never have. They never will. They are welcome mats for pathetic losers who know they can become famous for their body count. Even professionals in law enforcement are screaming this message from the rooftops.

“The killer in [Newtown] came armed for bear and couldn’t care less about some gun law. The school’s anti-gun law prevented any adults working at the school from having access to a firearm. If the school’s principal had been armed and trained, she might have saved many lives. Had several people been armed at that school, the shooter, suspect Adam Lanza, would have possibly been stopped at the front door by a hale of bullets,” -former NYPD detective Mike Snopes.

“The suspect, with a mask, a military type vest and black clothes parked his car outside of the school gate. He walked up to the school right in front of the windows carrying four big guns. He went up to the locked front door where he could be camera checked, and then he got buzzed into the school. The suspect goes to the principal’s office while the announcements are playing, over the PA, to the whole school. Everyone in the school hears shots being fired. Had teachers or school employees been armed, instead of fleeing and allowing the killer to walk around the facility unimpeded, the school staff could have surrounded the madman and ended the attack. Listening to television talking-heads who are gun law experts of sorts, we are now all supposed to decide that banning guns would prevent this type of crime. But wait! Guns are already banned in schools. That is why the shootings happen in schools. A school is a ‘helpless victim zone’”.- Richard Mack, former Sheriff, Graham County, Ariz.

There is but one antidote for this disease in America. An extremely high dose of jacketed, hollow point lead administered into said perpetrator by competent, trained law abiding citizens that are at the scene of these attempted mass murders. Teachers. principals, custodians, preachers, secretaries, accountants, lawyers, doctors, truck drivers, firefighters, church parishioners, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters etc., etc., etc. And yes, police and law enforcement officers too; in the rare event they are present at the time these criminal acts are perpetrated.

If you think this, yet to be tried, solution is just too extreme, radical or uncivilized in the new “progressive” America that we live in today, then continue to place your faith in the failed policies and laws that claim a written law, gun bans, or a sign or sticker of a gun with a red slash through it will keep you safer than training and arming yourself with a firearm. And then continue to grieve for and bury our innocent children whom we all should be morally and legally responsible to protect. Murderers and criminals, by the very definition of their occupation, do not obey the law, including any “Gun Free Zone” law. These “feel good” laws only affect you, me and every other law abiding citizen.

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