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As I observe people who are looking for a handgun for concealed carry or home/vehicle defense, I often hear things like,”I want a gun that has a safety” or “Bubba told me not to get a insert brand name here gun because they don’t have safeties”. You will hear me talk about Bubba from time to time. He’s the guy we all know that knows everything about everything and is all too gracious to share his wisdom with you every chance he gets. Bubba the doctor, lawyer. plumber, electrician, rocket scientist, and in cases of my blogs; Bubba the gun expert. Bubba is right sometimes, and other times, well………..Read on.

Every firearm has two safeties. The first one is your brain. The second one is your trigger finger. If you use these two safeties every time you use any firearm, you can virtually eliminate negligent or accidental discharges. Yes there are mechanical safeties on all types of guns that block the firing pin, or disengage the trigger or hammer or lock the bolt closed, etc. These are all mechanical devices that have to be in good working condition that can also fail due to worn parts, getting dirty, or being poorly manufactured. And if you don’t train in consistent muscle memory exercises in releasing or switching a safety off when drawing your handgun, then you won’t do it in a real life crisis situation. And then it’s game over.

The analogy that I love to use is this. Gun safety and sex education. Think of properly using your brain and your trigger finger as abstinence. Think of relying on a mechanical safety as birth control pills or condoms. One works every time it is tried. The other works most of the time, but is never 100% reliable…………See you next month!

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