Intro to Conceal Carry

Instructor: Alex Chasteen
Date: Every Monday 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Course Fee: $70.00

Description: Basic handling, and familiarity with the individual firearm that the person is choosing to carry as their concealed firearm. I will walk through a 30 to 45 minute classroom portion where we will have PowerPoint presentation and hands-on with the guns. I will discuss everything from what to carry, when to carry, and what to do if involved in a shooting. We will also talk about different places to conceal a weapon, different style holsters and how to get to your weapon.

Practicals on the range will consist of 100 rounds being fired. We will start off with just muscle memory of finding the weapon and drawing. Then progress with a draw and acquire target. Then draw, acquire target, then dry fire. After several repetitions of this we will move into the live fire format, where the student will go through all the above mentioned steps and fire a live two round burst at the target from a concealed carry.

This is a great precursor to the actual CHL License Course or as a “tune-up” for CHL holders.


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