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For those of you who don’t know already, YES we do sell legally registered suppressors at Off Duty Armory. Even with the internet and global information now at our fingertips, it never ceases to amaze me how many people still believe that these devices are illegal. Not only are these registered Title II devices legal, Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. is now taking under consideration the legal hunting of all game and non-game species in the state with suppressors. The hunting of non-game species has always been legal with suppressors and now there are a series of public forums scheduled where YOU and other informed citizens can weigh in on the benefits of this proposed law change.


Click here for locations of public forums


The benefits of this proposed law change are many. Reduced hearing loss, reduced noise in encroaching urban areas, and increased accuracy due to reduced recoil are a few. There will always be people that will question why someone “needs” one of these tools or that these tools have some sort of “bad” reputation by their mere existence. I lived through this same ridiculous rhetoric when AR style rifles were under attack in the 90’s and are now commonplace firearms used in hunting, recreational and sport shooting, law enforcement and home/personal protection. Any such questions can always be answered with the following three words…. All Lawful Purposes.

Leave those earplugs at the house and get out to one of these public forums to voice your support for the lawful hunting of game animals in Texas with suppressors!

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