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11/16/11-  Weaponlights, (weapon mounted flashlights) are becoming increasingly popular with law enforcement and civilian gun owners alike.  The portability, convenience and “extra hand” that weaponlights offer are unparalleled. What seems to be slow to adapt to this trend is how we train with weapon mounted lights when we use them as illumination tools. Because when illuminating people (good or bad) with this tool, we are pointing the muzzle of a loaded weapon at them as well.

When a weaponlight is used as a illumination device for any task, such as searching a dark area while investigating a suspicious noise, clearing an unlit room, or positively identifying “friend or foe”in the dark, we are pointing the muzzle of the weapon in the same direction as the weaponlight beam. This violates one of the most basic and sacred rules of gun safety: “Never point the muzzle of a loaded weapon at anything or anybody that you do not intend to kill or destroy”.

Weaponlights are here to stay. Like so many other things that evolve and change, so must our mindset, training and diligence when it comes to weapon handling. We are currently designing a training program to hit this issue head on. Just as muscle memory and dedication to practice are key to traditional weapon training, so must it be for weaponlight training and use.

Check our training schedule for this training course coming soon! Stay safe and light em’ up!!

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