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Although this sounds like a silly question, you might be surprised at your own response to “gun laws” and who actually obeys them. I have had┬ámany instances where intelligent, educated people have indicated that they whole heartedly agreed with the often “knee jerk” passage of certain gun laws, especially after something tragic like a school or workplace shooting that makes headlines. My simple question to those folks usually is “exactly who will obey these laws”? Not a difficult question, yet the simple answer eludes many. Law abiding citizens will obey these laws. Criminals, by the very definition of their “occupation” will not obey these laws as they do not obey most laws; for if they did they would not be criminals.

As proven by the passing of the ridiculous 10 year “assault weapon” ban in 1994, passing more restrictive gun laws does nothing to deter gun crime, but vastly succeeds in restricting the rights even further of the people who obey the law. The U.S. cities and States with the most restrictive gun laws statistically have the highest murder rates.

Violent criminals rejoice in every new law written to restrict firearm possession. It just makes their “occupation” that much easier.
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